Our mission is always be by your side

we're 100% committed to giving you personalised attention tailored to all your needs.

Since 1884 at your service

We boast a long tradition in the isdustry, focused on consulting and the supply of equipment and utensils for the hospitality industry.


We provide industry-specific solutions; we know what you need.

We're a company with more than 125 years of experience in the hospitality industry. 

Personalised attetion tailored to your actual needs. Because we have more than 10,000 types of appliances and utensils to provide you with bespoke solutions. We accompany you throughout the process, always by your side. 

We have state-of-the-art facilities

Our logistics centre in Santa Perpetua.

Our logistics centre, with capacity for 8,00 pallets, is located in Santa Perpètua de la Mogoda (Barcelona) and is equipped with state-of-the-art storage technology to give you maximum efficiency. 

Distribution of our products in 48 hours.

We manage more than 10,000 items, of which 6,000 are permanently in stock. We serve both domestic and international customers. The perfect combination to reach all of you. 

Custom stock

Are you missing space? We store for you. 

Ask us.

Nuestro centro logístico de Santa Perpetua.

Nuestro Centro Logístico, con capacidad para 8.000 palets, se encuentra ubicado en Sta Perpètua de la Mogoda y está equipado con tecnología de almacenaje de última generación, para brindarte la máxima eficiencia.

Distribución de nuestros productos en 48 horas.

Gestionamos más de 10.000 referencias, de las cuales 6.000 permanentemente en ‪‎stock‬. Servimos a todo el territorio nacional e internacional. Una combinación perfecta para conseguir llegar en un 100% a todos vosotros.

Stock personalizado.

¿Te falta espacio? Nosotros almacenamos por ti.

Always by your side

Looking for innovation, desig and creativity?

COCUUS technology
CRAFTED designs


Specialised teams

We focus on three professional industries; 

Restaurants, Hotels and Industrial Catering. This

means that we can focus better on your business

125 years
of experience.

Consulting service

We linten to you and propose the best solutions to take care of call details.

Oms y Viñas, global mission.

Tenemos vocación y visión global que nos permite ofrecer nuestros conocimientos en otros mercados.

By your side

Ponemos a tu disposición nuestra extensa red comercial.

125 years
of experience.

Consulting service

 We listen to  you and propose the best solutions to take care of all the details.

Oms y Viñas, global mission.

 We have a global mission and vision that enables us to provide our knowledge in other markets.

By your side

 Extensive sales network for all your needs.

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